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Childbirth Education

Relax, Release, Open

Knowledge Is POWER...

Pitocin, episiotomy, Apgar, hep-lock, station, epidural, dilation, forceps, cervix, placenta.

These are all words that are not in our everyday vernacular but are words that are thrown around your room while you are in labor. Not completely understanding what is being said or what is going on with your body while you are in labor, can only heighten your anxiety level. The more you know and understand what your options are and what is happening in that room, the more you will feel in control and confident about your birth.

Childbirth Education Classes

Birth Matters

We strive to offer compassionate support to our clients, it is of
utmost importance to us that we only offer unbiased and evidence-based information and give you the knowledge you need to make your own birth decisions. Learn the benefits, risks, and alternatives for birth interventions and procedures. Feel prepared and ready to give birth to your precious baby.

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