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What Postpartum Support Looks Like

 Hiring a postpartum doula can bring numerous benefits to new parents. Postpartum doulas are trained professionals who provide physical, emotional, and informational support to families during the postpartum period. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a postpartum doula:

Emotional Support:

Postpartum doulas provide emotional support to new parents during a time when they may be experiencing a range of emotions. They can help parents process their feelings, provide a listening ear, and offer reassurance and encouragement.

Practical Help:

Postpartum doulas can help with practical tasks such as feeding, diapering, and bathing the baby, as well as light housework and meal preparation. This can be especially helpful for parents who may be recovering from childbirth or adjusting to life with a new baby.

Breastfeeding, Bottle, and Pumping Support:

For parents who choose to breastfeed, a postpartum doula can provide valuable support and guidance. They can help with positioning and latching, answer questions, and provide encouragement and reassurance.


Postpartum doulas can provide parents with information on newborn care, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery. They can also connect parents with community resources and support groups.

4 Common Questions About Postpartum Doula Services

What does a postpartum doula do?

A postpartum doula provides physical assistance, such as help with infant feeding, soothing techniques, light household chores, and running errands. Emotional support can include listening, offering reassurance, and helping mothers process their birth experience. Postpartum doulas also provide evidence-based information on infant care, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery.

How long does a postpartum doula stay?

Postpartum doulas can work for a few days or several weeks, depending on the family’s needs. They can work a few hours a day or overnight, giving parents a chance to rest and recover. Some postpartum doulas provide “on-call” services, meaning they are available to answer questions and provide support over the phone or via text.

How is a postpartum doula different from a baby nurse?

A baby nurse typically provides newborn care, such as feeding, diapering, and bathing. They may work overnight shifts, allowing parents to get more sleep. Postpartum doulas, on the other hand, focus on supporting the entire family during the postpartum period. They can help with household tasks, offer emotional support, and provide education on infant care.

How much does a postpartum doula cost?

The cost of a postpartum doula varies depending on location, experience, and services provided. Some insurance plans cover the cost of a postpartum doula, and some doulas offer sliding-scale fees or payment plans. On average, a postpartum doula can cost anywhere from $25 to $50 per hour.


Meet Miranda


Caring for others has always been the driving force in anything I do. I have served others in a daycare setting, retirement homes and assisted livings, to literally serving others at my local restaurant (Shoutout to Hook & Lime). Each position was rewarding in its own way, but I have felt I am capable of giving so much more. That is what lead me to realize my true calling, becoming a postpartum doula. As a doula, I am able to connect with birthing person, baby, and family as a whole on a much deeper level. I am able to use my 10+ years of working with infants and families to assist you in everyday life in the comfort of your own home to mare sure you, family and baby are at your very best!  

When I am not caring for families you will catch me drinking a hot cup of coffee or chai latte at your local coffee shop (I do not have one in particular to shout out, I simply love them all). I will also be lounging at home with my sweet, funny, and patient partner, Evan, and our 4 furry girlies (Did I mention he was patient?) 

Along with patience, a lot of trust is needed to allow someone into your home, let alone your life, at such a vulnerable time. I would be honored to be that person you confide in, and will do everything I can to take care of you and your precious family in this time of physical and emotional change. I look forward to meeting you soon and learning more of YOUR story!

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