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The day your child is born into your family, is a pivotal moment that is imprinted onto your mind and heart. Studies have shown that many years later people are able to describe their labor and births in great detail.  These people remembered both positive and negative experiences and feelings. Our goal is to help you have the most positive experience you can, even if your birth doesn’t go the way you plan. We will support, encourage, guide, and celebrate with you on this amazing day!

Doula Support Timeline

 On the day you sign up for labor support, you will have immediate support from your birth doula team. This usually starts with a group text and when you have a question there’s a group discussion. We start our support early like this, so you and your birth partner get to know your doulas before the day you give birth. Your comfort with us makes your birth that much easier for you and makes for a better birth team.

Timeline and services:

 The Day you sign for support
– Round the clock text, e-mail, and phone support
 Between 32-36 weeks 
– Prenatal meeting (this usually happens after you and your partner have taken a birth/labor education class) At your prenatal meeting we will sit down with you and your partner to discuss your birth preferences and help you with your birth plan. We go over signs of labor and tackle any concerns or anxieties that you or your partner may have. After this meeting, you and your birth partner will feel ready and confident about your baby’s birth. 
36-42 Weeks

By 36 weeks you will most likely be seeing your care provider on a weekly basis. After your appointments, we will have a quick chat (usually via text) about how your appointment went, how you are feeling, and if you have any questions.

Labor Support
Today’s the DAY! At your prenatal, we will have discussed what your preferences for support look like and will come to you (wherever that may be) and give you in-person support when you and your birth partner are ready. We will labor with you at home or at your hospital/birth center. 
Your Baby’s Birthday
Happy birthday! Your doula will continue to support you and your partner until everyone is cleaned up, fed. and resting. This includes helping you with breastfeeding and/or your baby’s first latch if needed. Once everyone is settled we will leave you and your birth partner to bask in the amazement of your new baby.
3-5 Days Postpartum
After you and your family get home and settled. We try to have a postpartum visit scheduled within the first week your baby is born. This is a great time for reflection and to ask any questions that you may have. Your doula will remain on call for you and your partner if you have any questions or need infant feeding help for the next three weeks. If there is any need for more postpartum help/support, we will be happy to help you get that setup!
Read a list of our Labor/Birth Doula packages below and then schedule your free consultation:


Birth/ Labor Support Packages


Birth Package (1) -$1275*
This Includes:
24/7 on-call access to your doula team on the day you sign
In-depth prenatal meeting and birth plan help
In-person labor support when you are ready
Help with the first feeding if you are choosing to breastfeed
Postpartum visit within the first week your baby is born
Three weeks of on-call phone support for any postpartum questions or needs 
Birth Package (2) w/ Infant Feeding Class – $1475*
This includes: 
Our full birth package 
 Private in-person breastfeeding or bottle-feeding class
You have the option to take this class before or after your baby is born
Birth Package (3) w/ Infant Feeding Support- $1275* +
This package includes one of our in-person Infant Feeding Support packages. You get $100 dollars off any one of the four packages we provide when you add it to your birth package

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