Build Your
Birth Team

Your Prefect Birth Team

Your perfect team should be a symbiotic relationship.

You, the birthing person, are attuned to your body and your soul focus is to stay relaxed and vocalize your needs. Your birth partner knows you better than anyone in that birth room, so your doula will rely on them to help navigate you through the process. Your doula knows birth. She guides and supports you and your partner with physical, emotional and informational support. 

labor in birth room

Laboring At Home

Your doula will come to you when you are ready for in person support. Even if that support starts before you head to your hospital or birth center. 

Lots of people labor in the comfort of their home before going to their care provider for the birth of their baby. This gives the birthing person more time to rest, eat, and just feel more relaxed…. and relaxation is key!

The Barefoot Doula

Laboring At The Hospital/Birth Center

Once you are ready to head to your designated place of birth, your doula will meet you there or wait for your call when you are ready for them to head your way. 

Doulas are trained to work with care providers. Those providers are also a part of your birth team and join together with your doula to give you and your partner the attention and care you deserve. 

Safe Home Birth